Here it is! This is the tentative schedule! It’s awesome! Check back for updates...invite your friends to register TODAY!
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Jenny Guy

Venta USA: Air-Crafting Since 1981
Affiliate Program Manager
Chicago, Illinois
The Venta Airwasher is the best year-round 2in1 humidifier & purifier that operates without filters and we are looking for top Snap influencers to join our new BRAND AFFILIATE PROGRAM.
I'm the Program Liaison so talk to me about joining today!
More on the Venta Airwasher: Say goodbye to allergy symptoms & dry skin! Using only water & the finest in German engineering, the Venta Airwasher literally washes the air in your home. The Airwasher is designed to work in harmony with your heating & cooling units to properly rehydrate & wash your air, removing dust, allergens, odors & bacteria.
Say hello to rejuvenated skin, better concentration & more restful nights with the perfect indoor air quality from the Venta Airwasher.